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Automatically confirming client consent collection

Collecting consent and using your own privacy policy.

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Our aim is to help healing professionals as much as possible – that's why we offer to manage the consent collection process, which includes a Practice-Client Privacy Policy, or informed consent document, that Upheal can generate for you.

However, you can use your own informed consent documents​ and turn off Upheal's collection process. Create a new document using our template, or add Upheal to your existing forms.

To turn off Upheal's consent collection:

You can change your settings so that when you create a new client, Upheal will automatically confirm that client consent was collected outside of Upheal.

  1. Go to your settings, and find Consent.

  2. Select I want to use my own privacy policy and do the consent collection.

  3. Click Save.

Remember: Your client still needs still to agree to Upheal’s Terms of Service in order to participate in online calls.

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