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Can I collect consent instead of Upheal?
Can I collect consent instead of Upheal?

Collecting consent and using your own privacy policy.

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Our aim is to help healing professionals as much as possible – this is why we even offer to manage the consent collection process.

You can review the automatically collected consent between the client and the healing professional (you) in this article.

However, if you'd prefer to gather consent yourself and use your own privacy policy, it's very easy to switch this setting off:

  1. Go to Privacy Policy under Settings.

  2. Switch to "I want to use my own privacy policy and do the consent collection".

  3. Finally, click Save.

This will turn off the consent collection in step #2 of the client's onboarding.

Do remember: Your client still needs still to sign Upheal’s Terms of Service in order to use Upheal.

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