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To add your team members, simply follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account as admin.

  2. Click on your name and from the menu click on your Settings.

  3. Click on Team Members tab

  4. Click on Invite Team Members.

  5. Invite your team members by entering their information and their role.

    As the Practice administrator, you have already signed all necessary documentation, such as consent forms, on behalf of the team. This means that there is no need for any additional signing by individual team members of the practice. Your initial signature serves as a representation of the practice as a whole and ensures a streamlined and hassle-free experience for all parties involved.

  6. Your team members will receive an invitation to join your Practice.

    Tracking the status of your invitations is an important aspect of managing your team. With our system, you will have a clear and updated view of the status of each invitation you have sent.

    "Active" status indicates that the recipient of your invitation has successfully signed up and joined your team. On the other hand, an "Invited" status means that the invitation has been received, but the recipient has not yet completed the sign-up process. This feature helps you keep track of who has accepted your invitations and who has yet to take action, allowing you to follow up and ensure that all members of your team are onboarded effectively.

By utilizing these tools, you can effectively manage your team members and clients, providing the best possible experience for all parties involved. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please reach out to our support team.

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