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How to book sessions using the Uphealer link and Jane App.

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  1. Open your Jane App and go to Settings, where select Treatments, Classes & Group Appointments in the panel on the left.

  2. Select the existing treatment and click on Edit or create a New Treatment.

  3. Change the In-Person or Online to In-Person Appointment.

  4. We recommend putting using a Session Name info, that this is still an online session (e.g. "60-Minute Video Counselling").

  5. Put into Description (Before Booking) text:

    You will receive a link to join the session on Upheal in your reminder email.

  6. And last paste into the Booking information (After Booking) the following text:

    At the time of the session, use <a href="XXX">this link</a> to join the video session.

  7. In a new tab, open the Upheal app, click on your name in the top right corner, and select Account Settings.

  8. Navigate to the Uphealer Link tab and copy the link.

  9. Go back to Jane App and replace the XXX with the Uphealer link you copied earlier.

  10. Click on Update Treatment / Create Treatment.

  11. From now on, all meetings booked on Jane App will have a link in the email to Upheal.

  12. At the time of the session, go to the Upheal dashboard, click on the Client you have a session with, and then click on the button New Session in the top bar.

Important: Before the first call with a new client, don't forget to create their profile upfront. How to?

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