What's an Uphealer link? 💫

Where to find your Uphealer link and why it's so important.

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Your Uphealer link is your own unique private video-calling link that you can use to hold sessions with your clients.

The Uphealer link 💫

When you join Upheal, you’ll get your own unchanging Uphealer link. An Uphealer link works like your own virtual therapy space in that it's private and yours to use with your clients.

Why is it so important?

  • It allows every mental health professional that uses Upheal to have their own online video-calling link or online space.

  • You can add it to any calendar invite or email no matter if you use Calendly or another booking system.

  • It lets you schedule sessions much more easily and at the same online address.

  • It's one easy convenient link that you can share with all of your clients. (And don't worry, only you can admit clients once you're ready for them.)

Where do I find it?

In the Upheal app, go to your profile in the top right corner.

Click on Account Settings.

You'll see your unique Uphealer link below.

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