Book sessions with clients on Upheal.

Here's how to book sessions with your clients on Upheal.

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In addition to sharing a calendar invite, we support two other ways of sharing links depending on your preference.

You can either use your Uphealer link – this is your unique therapist’s link which never changes and can be shared with all of your clients. You can think of it as being similar to Zoom's private room link.

Or, you can use each client’s own Upheal room link and share it however you like (e.g. via a text message, email, or your own calendar invite).

Book a session to your calendar

Follow these simple steps to book a session into your and your client’s calendar from the Upheal app.

  1. Find the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

  2. Click on the New Session button and then select Book With Calendar.

  3. Select the date, time when you want to start the session, and the session length.

  4. You should receive a confirmation of a successful session booking. A calendar invite will have been sent to both client and healing professional.

Important: Rescheduling an invite in your own calendar won't change it for the client. Calendar invitations for client and therapist are currently not synced automatically. To reschedule a session, book a new one or simply ask the client to adjust the session time in their own calendar manually.

Tip: The clients Upheal room link can be used to connect to the session at any time regardless of the time in the calendar.

Share an Upheal link with your client

If you want or need to book your sessions using a different system or calendar, just copy the client's Upheal room link in Client details (1) or share your own Uphealer link (2).

Use your Uphealer link

  1. In the Upheal app click on your name in the top right corner and select Account Settings.

  2. Navigate to the Uphealer Link tab and copy your unique Uphealer link so you can add it to your calendar invitation.

Use your client's Upheal room link

  1. From your client list, click on whomever you'd like to schedule a session with and copy the link below.

  2. Paste the copied link to an email, text message, or your own calendar invite. You’re done!

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