Inviting clients to sessions
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If you schedule your sessions in the Upheal app, your client will automatically receive an invitation email to your sessions.

However, you can also invite clients to sessions by:

  • Including a session link in an email or any other message

  • Sending an invitation when you are already in the session

Inviting a client via link

Regardless of how you schedule your sessions, you can invite a client to an online session by email or any type of messaging. Just include a session link in your email or message to your client. Learn more about your Uphealer link.

Send your Uphealer link

Copy your Uphealer link from your dashboard or settings, and paste it into your message. When your client clicks on this link, they’ll need to confirm their email address before entering the session. The client can only enter the session once you allow them to.



Send a client-specific link

Go to the client’s page to find their unique link. Copy the link by clicking the clipboard, and paste the link into your message. This link is unique to each client, so make sure you’re sending your client the correct link.

Invite a client after starting the session

You can begin a session, and then invite the client. You might want to do this if your client can’t find your original session invitation.

  1. Begin the session.

  2. Click Share session link.

  3. To send the client an invitation email, click Invite by email.

  4. Or, to copy the link so you can paste it into a message to the client, click Copy.

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