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To schedule an Upheal online session, you can:

  • Schedule a session in the Upheal app

  • Connect and schedule with your Google calendar – learn how here.

  • Use another EHR or scheduling tool – learn how here.

Scheduling a session in the Upheal app

  1. From your Upheal dashboard or a client’s page, click Schedule.

    From your dashboard:

    From a client's page:

  2. Select your client, choose the date, time, and duration, and click Schedule.

  3. You and your client will both receive an email confirming the appointment. The client’s email will include a client-specific link for entering the session.

    Here’s what a session confirmation email looks like a for a client:

​Important: Rescheduling and conflicts

  • Please be aware that our system is not aware of and will not alert you about scheduling or rescheduling conflicts (sessions planned for the same time).

  • Your client can reply to the booking email to request a different appointment time, and the message will be delivered to your email inbox (the one associated with your Upheal account).

  • However, rescheduling an invite in your own calendar won't change it for the client. Calendar updates for client and therapist are currently not synced automatically. To reschedule a session, book a new one or simply ask the client to adjust the session time in their own calendar manually.

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