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Can I delete the content generated by Upheal?
Can I delete the content generated by Upheal?
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Yes, you can. Upheal does not have a HIPAA requirement to keep psychotherapy notes or records.

You can delete all records and notes on the Upheal platform – starting with the transcript.
To delete insights and other session data, you can delete the entire session.

Under HIPAA there is no specifically prescribed data retention period for PHI. However, therapists should know that they should follow the American Psychiatric Association (APA) Guidelines. This recommends the retention of records for up to 7 years after the last date of service or up to the state limit, while ‘weighing the risks associated with obsolete or outdated information, or privacy loss, versus the potential benefits associated with preserving the records’.

Before you delete any of your client's information we suggest you make sure that you either i) have a copy of that information, ii) no statutory retention period applies to any of the information, or that iii) the applicable state or APA Guideline retention period has expired.

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