How to change your AI note type

Choose from SOAP, BIRP, DAP, EMDR, Intake or our default progress note templates.

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Create high-quality, compliant notes faster and more consistently, as an individual practitioner or an entire team with Upheal's range of AI-powered DAP, SOAP, EMDR, and GIRP notes.

To change note type in Overview

1. Go to session Overview, in the relevant client's session.

2. In the Notes section, click on the Change dropdown.

3. Select your preferred note style, e.g. EMDR.

4. Reprocess the session to create the desired notes (this may take a few minutes).

5. Your EMDR note will appear on the right-hand side of the UI.

6. Add a title and you're ready to go!

Remember – you can click on Change in the Notes section of your session overview anytime to change note types.

To change note type in the client profile

If you know you'll need a certain type of note for each client, set a default style in the client profile straightaway.

1. Find the desired client profile.

2. Under the client's name, click on Change to select your preferred note type.

3. You'll see your note type preference reflected in the headline.

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