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Providing feedback on notes and insights
Providing feedback on notes and insights
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We value your input on the quality of our notes and insights. The more often you rate your notes, the better we’ll understand what you need and what we should focus on improving.

If something isn't quite right (or is exceptionally helpful), please be specific in your comments! We read your feedback and use it to improve our services.

Rating generated notes

  • To rate a whole note: Click the thumbs up/down button at the top.

  • To rate a section: Click either the thumbs up or the thumbs down button beside the section.

We’ll appreciate any details you provide about your experience — that helps us make our notes the best they can be.

Rating individual sections is only available for notes generated or re-generated after we introduced the note rating feature (May 22nd, 2024).

Reporting inaccurate insights

If an insight misses the mark, you can report it to Upheal. Just hover over the insight, and click the thumbs down icon. We appreciate the learning opportunity for our AI!

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