Introducing Upheal to your clients
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To make it quick and easy to help your clients understand Upheal, we’ve put together some resources for you, including answers to common client questions.

When should I first mention Upheal?

Tell your clients about Upheal before using it with them, leaving some time for questions and consent collection.

Do you have any materials I can share with my clients?

Yes! We encourage you to share links to:

Questions your clients might ask

What is Upheal?

“Upheal is a platform designed for mental health professionals that takes notes automatically and provides valuable analytical insights about my sessions.”

Why do you use Upheal?

“Upheal reduces the time I spend doing administrative work, like writing clinical notes, so that I can invest more time in clients and be fully present during our sessions. Having a lighter administrative load also helps prevent burnout, allowing me to provide the best care I can.”

“Upheal adds to the quality of my therapeutic process by surfacing key information and data insights so I can make more informed decisions, faster.”

Will anything about our sessions change?

If you hold your sessions in person:

“In order for Upheal to create notes, I’ll need to have my computer or phone recording our session. Recordings are always automatically deleted after the notes are ready, unless we both agree that we want to keep them.”

If you hold your sessions online, but not in Upheal:

“We’ll keep holding our sessions on [platform] as usual, but Upheal will be running in the background so that it can create notes.”

If you hold your sessions with Upheal’s calling platform:

“Our sessions will be in Upheal rather than [other platform], so I’ll send you an Upheal link instead of a [platform] link. I think you’ll find it very user-friendly and similar to other popular calling platforms, so it won’t feel like a big change.”

Will my data be kept private?

“Upheal is specifically designed for the mental health field with privacy in mind. It's secure, private, and HIPAA, PIPEDA, PHIPA as well as GDPR compliant. Your data will never be sold.”

“While Upheal needs to record sessions in order to generate notes and insights, recordings are automatically deleted once the session is processed. If I want to keep a recording, I need to ask for your permission first.”

That’s it! We hope these talking points save you time and help your clients understand why you’re using Upheal.

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