Why use Upheal?
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We designed Upheal to lighten the load of mental health professionals. Upheal’s AI-supported session notes, transcripts, and analytics can save you time and energy, help you stay present, and elevate your practice. Plus, we’re always working to advance our features and make using Upheal as smooth as possible within your existing workflow.

Why use Upheal?

Get your time back

Upheal saves you time on administrative work like progress notes and session scheduling, so you can see more clients, focus on professional development, or make a change in your work-life balance. We currently help mental health professionals save about 14 minutes per session on notes.

Stay present

You can give your full attention to every client, every time, while Upheal works in the background. Your past notes and insights will always be right at your fingertips before, during, and after sessions if you need a quick review.

Enhance your practice

Upheal’s AI-supported analytics capture valuable insights that can give you a unique perspective on your sessions and help enhance your practice. Our documentation can assist with peer reviews, too.

Streamline your workflow

Upheal brings together scheduling, calling, notes, insights, and client management in one HIPAA-compliant workspace. You can use our built-in tools, or integrate the apps and methods you already enjoy. See our supported formats.

Who uses Upheal?

Any type of mental health worker or healing professional can benefit from using Upheal.

Our users are:

  • Therapists

  • Coaches

  • Psychologists

  • Psychiatrists

  • Social workers

  • Group practices

  • Virtual care clinics

Is Upheal for you?

To find out, you can sign up for free, or contact us for a chat. We’re happy to help you figure out if Upheal is right for your practice.

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