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All about our Intake notes

Find out more about our Intake notes template.

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Why use our Intake notes?

Intake sessions are typically the most time-consuming and can take up to 45 minutes or as long as the session itself. Letting Upheal work in the background to capture your intake session content will save you a lot of time.

In addition, Upheal’s Intake notes make important information easily accessible. You’ll have your entire session history summarized and organized in Upheal – so you can review any relevant information before a session begins to help you focus on rapport and a connection.

Where do I find the new Intake notes?

Once you’ve set up an Intake session, you’ll see the new Intake notes section where Progress notes normally live (left side and editor). The progress note button will be replaced by the ‘Intake note’ title in the tab.

What does the Intake notes template contain?

The following categories will be used to collect data for each intake session automatically.

In the progress notes section, you will find:

  • Identification information

  • Reason for seeking therapy

  • Psychotherapeutic goals

  • Medical history

  • Psychosocial history

  • Current status

  • Diagnostic information

  • Treatment plan

Why AI is perfect for Intake notes

Using our AI is perfect for Intake notes because these are about transcription and data capture. We believe therapists and other mental health professionals should focus on the core aspects of their job; not the manual labor or administrative work, but what they’re really there for. And of course, ultimately, we hope this shift in focus from note-taking to client engagement will lead to better client outcomes.

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