What does Upheal do?
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Upheal is a secure and HIPAA-compliant, AI-assisted platform designed to help mental health professionals save time and energy. Upheal takes automated notes, captures analytical insights, and remembers patterns, people, and places so that mental health professionals can focus more on their clients and less on administration. Upheal’s convenient integrations and flexible tools allow for smooth adaptation to existing workflows.

Flexible session capturing

In order to produce notes, a transcript, and analytics, Upheal needs to capture and process audio from your sessions. While Upheal does include a calling platform, we know that many healing professionals already have a preferred workflow. So, we have several ways to get your sessions into Upheal.

You can use any or all of these methods:

Comprehensive therapy documentation

Once your sessions are in Upheal, we generate a transcript, notes and insights, and even treatment plans. While other note generation tools create only notes, we add many insights that can help you grow as a professional and keep better track of client progress. More on our analytics here in the Support Center, on our website, and below.

Complete transcript

Upheal creates a full transcript of your session, separated into easy-to-read talk bubbles. To add text from the transcript to your progress notes, simply click and drag the text.

Session overview

The session overview gives you a clear summary of what each session covers, including:

  • Topics: A brief review of each subject that you and your client discussed.

  • Notable mentions: Medical conditions, medications, and substances that the client talked about.

  • People and places: All significant names, locations, and entities that came up during the session.

Progress notes

Upheal generates intake and progress notes that you can easily edit. You can choose from several therapeutic note styles including SOAP, GIRP, DAP, EMDR, BIRP, and two types of psychiatric notes, and change the note style even after the initial notes are generated. Read more about how to change note type here.

After each session, Upheal takes about 4-5 minutes to process and create notes, and you can continue using Upheal and holding sessions during that time. Currently, we’re helping save mental health professionals 14 minutes per session on notes.

Your notes are always editable, and you can add anything from your session overview or transcript to your progress notes by simply clicking and dragging. You can also export your notes as a PDF, copy and paste notes quickly into any EHR, and sign off on your notes for insurance or legal purposes.

A big benefit of our notes is being able to see your role in the therapeutic process. Upheal structures your session information to highlight all the different interventions you’ve applied in response to client behavior, no matter what modality you use, making it easy to reference your notes and get a clear picture of your clients’ progress.

Treatment plans

Upheal can craft AI-powered Treatment plans based on your sessions, tailored exactly to individual clients’ needs. Whether you want to enhance therapeutic outcomes or fulfill insurance requirements, these plans are designed to support excellent client care.

Each treatment plan outlines clear, overarching goals and objectives, using the SMART criteria to ensure that objectives are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. Just like with your progress notes, you can edit plans as needed with both typing and drag-and-drop shortcuts.

Analytical insights

Upheal’s analytical insights give you statistical breakdowns of:

  • Talking ratio between speakers

  • Response time of each speaker

  • Speech cadence

  • Tendency towards a positive or negative sentiment

  • Client speaking tense

Our clickable graphs take you to the corresponding time in the transcript so you can see exactly what your client was saying at any moment.

Streamlined client management

Upheal makes managing your clients and appointments easy. No spreadsheets, extra files, or paper necessary. Your sessions and notes are always at your fingertips in one place, and with our Google Calendar integration, you can see your upcoming sessions on your Upheal homepage.

Easy workflow integration

Prefer to keep using your current tools and processes? No problem! Upheal can fit naturally into your existing workflow.

We’ve developed features to support what you already use:

This flexibility helps you maintain your established routines while still getting the most out of Upheal’s time and energy-saving features.

Looking for more?

Check out our blog, browse more of the Support center, contact us, or sign up for free and try Upheal!

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