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Why does my therapist use Upheal?
Why does my therapist use Upheal?
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If your therapist, coach, or other mental health professional uses Upheal, you probably have some questions, and we’re happy to answer! It’s natural – after all, the progress we’re making with technology can seem strange when we’re not accustomed to using a new tool and haven't yet been introduced to all that it can do.

What does Upheal do?

Upheal is a platform for mental health professionals that creates AI-powered, accurate session notes and streamlines administrative tasks. While Upheal works as a video calling platform, an audio capturing tool, and a documentation database, in many cases, therapists use Upheal “behind the scenes.” So while you might not directly interact with Upheal, it’s still working in the background to provide analytical insights, organize important information, and highlight details essential to you and your healing journey to help your therapist track your (and their own) progress.

Why does my therapist use Upheal?

We created Upheal to support the wellbeing of mental health professionals, and by extension, their clients. In a time when mental healthcare is in high demand, we aim to help those providing this essential service save their time and energy so that they can stay personally balanced while maximizing their professional impact.

Saving time

Many mental health professionals have a lot of administrative duties, from documenting client progress to scheduling sessions. Upheal does a lot of administrative heavy lifting, allowing them to dedicate more time to what truly matters: supporting you.

Enabling deeper engagement

With Upheal, your therapist can be more present with you during your sessions. Without the distraction of note-taking, they can concentrate more fully on your conversation in the moment.

Increasing capacity

By optimizing time and resources, Upheal empowers mental health professionals to extend their reach. This efficiency means they can assist more individuals, or invest in their personal well-being and professional development, ensuring they bring their best selves to each session.

Does Upheal protect my privacy?

Absolutely! Upheal is designed specifically for the mental health field with privacy in mind. It meets strict privacy and security standards in many countries and regions around the world including the US, UK, EU, Australia, and others. Upheal is HIPAA, PIPEDA, PHIPA, and GDPR compliant, and your data will never be sold. If you want to know more, About Upheal: Our HIPAA compliance and how we value your privacy covers our data privacy practices, and How does Upheal protect my personal information? provides additional details.

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