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Can I capture sessions I hold over the phone?
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We haven't developed an ideal way to capture sessions held over the phone, but you can try using our audio recording tool or iOS app on a separate device to capture a call on speaker phone. However, please be aware that this method is more of a "work-around" than a recommended way to get notes in Upheal.

For a smoother experience, try one of our other simple options for capturing sessions that aren't in person, such as Upheal's own video caller, our browser extension, or our Zoom integration. All of these work with the camera turned off too, so it can feel more like a phone call if that's more comfortable for you and your client.

Capturing a phone call directly to Upheal

Make sure you:

  • Record using a separate device, don't try to record with the phone that's making the call.

  • Make the call on speaker phone, or it will be too quiet for the recording device to capture.

Follow instructions for using our audio recorder or iOS app. Please remember, your iPhone can't record a phone call on itself with the iOS app, you'll need a separate recording device that can run Upheal or the app.

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