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Curious about a client's first-time experience with Upheal?
Curious about a client's first-time experience with Upheal?

What it looks like when you invite a client to join Upheal.

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If you're wondering what using Upheal is like for a client, you're in the right place.
Clients don't need to sign up for Upheal or create any accounts, but they do need to agree with our standard legal documentation and consent forms before you can use Upheal's AI-powered features with them.

When you create a client profile in Upheal, you can preview and send an email inviting them to agree to these documents. They'll receive a link that leads them here:

Consent collection

Clients need to agree to your practice's Privacy Policy and Upheal's Terms of Service. As for the third box, deidentified data collection helps us improve Upheal for healing professionals worldwide, but it's not required for clients.

Once the client clicks Agree and continue, they'll see this confirmation:

We recommend sending this consent request to your client with enough time for them to review the documents, but consent collection is also possible at the beginning of a client's first session.

During a session

When your client joins a session, they start in a waiting room where they can adjust their settings and Knock to join when they're ready.

From there, participating in an Upheal session is a lot like using any other video calling platform. Clients can start and stop their video and microphone, share their screen, change the layout, and type messages to you.

Once your client hangs up, they'll have the opportunity to rate the technical quality of the call.

That's it! We do our best to make using Upheal a welcoming experience for your clients. If you're not sure how to introduce your clients to Upheal, check out our tips.

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