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Curious about a client's first-time experience with Upheal?
Curious about a client's first-time experience with Upheal?

What it looks like when you invite a client to join Upheal.

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If you're wondering what the Upheal experience looks like for a client, then this article is for you.

Before connecting, a client needs to agree with the standard legal documentation and consent forms – but there is no account creation needed for the client. They will simply go through the steps below by clicking a link in their welcome email or calendar booking.

Step 1

Required action: Click “Continue”.

Step 2

Required action: Check the box and click “Continue”.

Step 3

Required action: Check the “Terms of Service” box.

The second box is optional. It helps us improve Upheal for therapists worldwide by allowing disidentified data collection. However, it doesn’t have to be checked in order for the client to begin using Upheal.

When finished, the client can join the waiting room/session as usual.

Tip: We recommended to have the client go through this consent flow about 15 minutes before your session so that they have ample time to read through the documents.

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