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What are the agreements I make with Upheal as a client?
What are the agreements I make with Upheal as a client?
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Are you curious about our policies and requests for your consent to data processing? It’s all about our commitment to privacy, security, and protecting sensitive information. Read on to learn what we’re asking and why when you agree to using Upheal.

What do I consent to before using Upheal?

A privacy policy between you and your therapist

This policy, also called informed consent, is an agreement between you and your therapist or other healing professional. Each practice’s privacy policy will vary, but it includes an agreement to processing your data using third-party apps (Upheal might or might not be named specifically). Regardless of how you attend sessions — on Upheal’s calling platform, another calling tool, or in person — you’ll need to sign your therapist’s privacy policy in order for your data to be processed by Upheal.

Upheal’s Terms of Service

If you have sessions using Upheal’s calling platform or the Upheal Zoom integration, you’ll be asked to agree to our application’s Terms of Service. If you attend sessions in person or on other video calling platforms, you won’t need to agree to Upheal’s Terms of Service, as it’s specific to our calling application.

Upheal’s Privacy Policy

As a client, you can also optionally agree to Upheal’s Privacy Policy for your de-identified data to be used for the improvement of the Upheal app (read more). Opting in or out will not affect your experience using Upheal. If you opt in and change your mind later, you can always change your preference for future sessions by contacting

Depending on how you attend sessions, you might or might not be asked to agree to Upheal’s Privacy Policy. If you’re never asked to agree (a result of your therapist’s preferences), you are by default opted out. Data will only be used for app improvements with express permission. We also do not store any de-identified data for the purpose of app improvements from uploaded recordings or audio captured by the Audio recorder tool, which your therapist might use for in-person sessions or sessions held on other calling platforms.

How do I give consent?

Depending on how you attend sessions, you can be asked to give consent a few different ways:

  • By email: Your therapist can send a consent collection email through Upheal. All you have to do is follow the link in your email, read the policies, and check the boxes.

  • During your first call: If you use the Upheal calling platform, and you don’t provide consent before your first call, you can review the policies during that first call and agree to them at that time.

  • Other methods: Your therapist can collect your consent outside of Upheal. They might email you or ask you to sign something in person.

Clients under age 16

For a client under the age of 16, a parent or guardian needs to provide consent on behalf of the client.

Where can I learn more?

Visit our Privacy and Compliance page to read our policies and get answers to frequently asked questions.

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