Using your Uphealer link 💫
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What is my Uphealer link for?

Your Uphealer link is your own unique, private link for holding sessions with clients using Upheal’s calling platform.

How do I use my Uphealer link?

You can include your Uphealer link in invitations from other EHR or scheduling systems. Or, if you send a session invitation yourself outside of Upheal, just copy and paste your Uphealer link into any email or message.

How does the link work?

For a client, your Uphealer link leads to a waiting room for a session with you. They’ll need to enter their email address in order to connect. Don’t worry, your client cannot enter the call without you allowing them in.

Where can I find my Uphealer link?

You can find your Uphealer link on your dashboard, or in your settings. To copy the link, click the clipboard icon.



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