What to do if your clients hear an echo.

How to fix echoing on Upheal's video sessions.

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Firstly, we apologize for any disruption to your sessions! We consulted with Vojta on our engineering team and wanted to share the below tricks with you for reducing echo.

An important thing to know about echo or reverb

Firstly, if you're the one hearing echo, you're actually not the one causing it.

Someone else will have to take action on their end to eliminate the issue. However, we will assume by the same logic that if your clients are hearing an echo, then you're the source.

Try these 4 tips to reduce echo for your clients

  1. Turn on Reduce background noise: During the call, you can activate this feature to help reduce an echo. You'll find it in the Microphone settings, directly accessible via the bottom control panel.

  2. Wear headphones: When conducting your sessions, try using headphones instead of relying solely on your speakers. By wearing headphones, the microphone will be less likely to pick up audio from the speakers, resulting in a reduction or elimination of the echo.

  3. Adjust the volume: If you don't have access to headphones, another option is to lower the volume on your speakers. By reducing the volume, the microphone will capture less audio from the speakers, helping to mitigate the echo.

  4. Relocate your microphone: Additionally, you can try moving your microphone further away from your speakers. This, in combination with lowering the volume, can help minimize the echo or reduce its severity.

  5. Try Google Chrome instead of Safari: From our experience, Safari is not as good at echo cancellation as Chrome is. Try adjusting your browser for your client sessions.

    We hope these tips will help you create an echo-free environment for your sessions!

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