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You can use our audio recording tool to capture in-person sessions as well as sessions you hold on any other calling platform that isn’t directly integrated with Upheal. The audio recorder captures the audio of your session, uploads it to Upheal automatically, and processes it just like any other session. You won’t have to store any recordings on your device or spend time uploading recordings to Upheal manually.

Find instructions for using the audio recorder for in-person sessions here, and for sessions held on non-integrated calling platforms here.

Audio recorder FAQs

What devices support the audio recording feature?

You can use the audio recorder on any device that runs Upheal (Mac or PC, or phone or tablet running iOS or Android).

Are both audio and video recorded during the session?

Only audio is recorded.

Is it possible to pause the Upheal assistant (AI notes and insights) while using the audio recorder?

Yes. If there is any part of the session you don’t want to record, press the microphone button to mute the microphone. (This doesn’t interfere with the analytics - the pause won’t be interpreted as a long silence.) Anything said while the microphone is muted won’t be recorded and won’t appear in your notes. Remember to unmute the microphone again when you’d like to keep recording the dialogue.

Do I need to be connected to the internet during the session?

To load Upheal and start the session, you need to be connected to the internet. If your internet connection is interrupted during recording, the whole session will still be captured. If your internet connection is interrupted during uploading or processing, the processes will resume once you’re connected again.

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