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Tips and troubleshooting for recording in-person sessions
Tips and troubleshooting for recording in-person sessions
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We’re always working hard to make our tools easy to use, but occasionally, things don’t go according to plan.

If after recording an in-person session with our audio recording tool, you see a message stating that only part of your session was captured, it means the recording was interrupted in some way. If your session is missing after recording, it might mean that uploading was interrupted.

Follow this guide for getting the best results while recording in-person sessions. We hope this helps!

Our tips for recording live audio

The bare basics

  1. The audio recording feature is for in-person sessions. For online sessions, use our browser extension or Upheal's own video calling platform.

  2. While recording audio, keep your device and screen on, and keep the Upheal recording window visible. This will prevent most issues!

During recording

Make sure you...


Set your device to not go into sleep mode.

Recording stops if the device goes to sleep.

Set your device not to auto-lock.

Recording might stop if your device locks.

Keep your device plugged in or fully charged.

Recording stops if the device runs out of battery or goes into power saving mode.

If recording on a phone, put your phone in do not disturb mode.

Getting a call or message could interrupt your recording.

If recording on a phone, don't open other apps.

Opening other apps might interrupt recording.

If you use an iPhone and Mac, turn off the Continuity camera setting.

This setting causes your computer to recognize your phone as its camera, which could interrupt recording.

Don't connect or disconnect your device from your headphones.

Connecting or disconnecting any audio device could interrupt recording.

Click End session when you're finished recording.

Closing the window before ending the session might cancel the recording.

If you're worried you'll forget to end the session manually, set a time for the Stop recording after option.

When you use this setting, as long as the recording window is open, Upheal will automatically upload and process your session after the specified amount of time has passed, even if you forget to end the session yourself.

During uploading

Make sure you...


Keep your device in the same place during upload and processing.

Changes in your Wi-Fi connection (which could happen if you go into a different room, for example) can slow or delay session uploading and processing.

Keep the browser window open as long as you can see the message below. Don't close the window or navigate to another page until the upload is finished.

Closing the window or navigating away during uploading might cancel the upload. Once you see the confirmation below, you're in the clear!

Don't worry if the upload fails at first. Upheal will continue trying the upload until it is successful.

An upload failing is different than a session being "lost" — failed uploads will be tried again later, whereas lost sessions are unfortunately not recoverable.

Still having issues?

We know every device is different, and technology can be tricky. Check if you have any firewalls or additional browser extensions installed that might interrupt audio recording. If problems persist, try recording with a different browser or device.

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