Dictating notes directly to Upheal
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With our audio recording tool, you can dictate your session notes directly to Upheal, and Upheal will generate a transcript and written notes based on your session.

Before recording audio

Adjust your device settings

If you’re using a computer:

  • Turn off any auto-sleep or auto-hibernate features. Recording will stop if the computer sleeps. Alternatively, move your mouse occasionally during recording to prevent your computer from sleeping.

If you’re recording on a phone:

  • Turn off auto-lock and auto-sleep features. Recording will stop if your phone locks or goes to sleep.

  • Turn off all sounds and vibrations.

  • Put the phone in Do Not Disturb mode.

See our audio recording tips for more.

Dictating notes

  1. From your Upheal dashboard, click Dictate observations, and select the client.

  2. If you haven't given Upheal permission to access your microphone, you'll be prompted to do so. Otherwise, recording starts right away.

  3. Dictate your notes.

  4. When you’re finished, click End Session.

  5. Dictated note will already be selected as the recording type. Make sure the details (client, pronouns, and note type) of the session are correct, and click Upload for processing.

  6. Keep the browser window open while Upheal uploads your notes. It takes just a few minutes.

When you go to the session page, you'll be able to access the transcript, summary, and notes of your dictation.

Storing recordings

If you would like to store the dictation recording, click Keep the recording after processing on the recording detail screen after you click End session.

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