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Upheal for therapist development
How to use Upheal for coaching and supervision.
How to use Upheal for coaching and supervision.

We don't have this feature yet, but there's an easy workaround.

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We've been listening to the amazing healing professionals that are a part of our closed Beta and agree that it would be both helpful and exciting to be able to use Upheal for supervision too!

If a supervisor wishes to conduct supervision or coaching sessions with another trainee/therapist using Upheal, they can do so by following these steps.

Add the therapist/trainee as a client with new email

To invite a trainee/therapist (already using Upheal with their clients) for a supervision or coaching session, add them as a new client in the Supervisor's Upheal account.

As the trainee’s email was previously used for their regular Upheal therapist account, Supervisor needs to add a suffix to the trainee’s email.

For example your trainee’s regular email

The trainee’s email which you have to enter while inviting them

Note: If the trainee/therapist isn’t using Upheal for their therapy sessions, you can add them as the client as usual.

Here are the steps you need to follow to create clients profiles (A trainee profile in your case) to archive and track your notes.

Important note for the trainee

The trainee is required to log out of their account before connecting to the session with their supervisor. An alternative method is for the trainee to open the link from the supervisor in a private or incognito window. This will also enable them to connect to the session.

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