How to start an online session.

Easily start a session on Upheal.

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Exciting times, you're ready to start a session on Upheal! This article will guide you through the process. It's possible to use either the Uphealer link or the web application to start your session. Ready?

Starting a session using the Uphealer link

  1. Copy your Uphealer link and paste it into your browser.

  2. Choose the appropriate client from your client list.

  3. That's it! You'll find yourself in Upheal's waiting room.

Start a session booked via Upheal, Calendly, or another integration

  1. Go to your calendar.

  2. Click on your scheduled session.

  3. Click on the link in the email, next to 'Where', or 'Location'.

  4. You'll find yourself in Upheal's waiting room.

To start a session from the Upheal web app

  1. Navigate to your client's profile.

  2. Select the 'New Session' option.

  3. Click 'Start Session' to begin.

  4. Your client will be 'shown' into Upheal's waiting room.

  5. When they're ready to begin, you'll receive a 'knocking' notification.

  6. Click 'Start Session'.

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