Starting an Upheal video call

Begin a session using Upheal's own video calling platform

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This article explains how to begin sessions using Upheal's calling platform. If you're using a different tool, you might want to check out our instructions for our Zoom integration, browser extension for capturing sessions held on other calling tools, or Audio recorder for capturing in-person sessions and more.

An Upheal online session is a session held on our own calling platform in the Upheal web app. When you hold an Upheal online session, Upheal automatically handles uploading and processing the session, so you can get your AI-powered transcript, notes, and analytical insights quickly and easily.

Starting a session from the Upheal web app

  1. Begin a session by clicking Start session, either on your Upheal dashboard or on a client’s page.

    Dashboard via your Uphealer link:

    Client’s page via the private room link:

  2. If you begin from your dashboard, select the client with whom you want to hold the session.

  3. Now, you’re in your session waiting room. If your client hasn’t joined, you won’t see the option to begin the call yet. (More on inviting clients to sessions.)

  4. Once your client has “knocked” to let you know they’re ready, you can begin the session by clicking Start session.

Beginning a session via link

You can use your Uphealer link or any link from a calendar invitation to begin a session. Click on the link, or copy and paste the link into a browser tab, and you’ll be in a session waiting room.

What happens when the session ends?

Once the session is finished, Upheal automatically begins processing it. Just a few minutes after hanging up, you’ll be able to access your session summary, transcript, notes, and analytical insights. You can find the session on your client’s page, or on your Upheal dashboard.

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