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You can earn $300 per new paying user you refer to Upheal! Anyone you refer gets 50% off their first three months – that’s one month longer than our current introductory discount.

Who can participate in the referral program?

At present, participation in the referral program is exclusive to users with paid subscriptions. (However, we're happy to announce that soon, all Upheal users, on both free and paid plans, will have the opportunity to participate and reap the rewards of our referral program.)

How does it work?

  1. In Upheal, find your referral link in Settings > Referral program.

  2. Share your referral link with anyone who’d like to try Upheal at a great discount.

  3. You’ll receive $300 for each new paying user who signs up through your link and purchases a subscription, regardless of which paid plan they choose.

What if someone I refer wants to try a free plan first?

That’s fine! Anyone who signs up through your referral link can start on our Free tier. Whenever they decide to upgrade to a paid plan, they’ll get your referral discount automatically, and you’ll receive $300.

Are there any limitations?


There’s no limit to how much you can earn from referring new paying users.


The referral program does not apply to colleagues within your practice or organization. However, if you’d like to refer a group practice of five or more members, contact us, and we’ll arrange a custom referral bonus.

How do I collect my earnings?

Currently, rewards are provided in the form of credit towards your Upheal subscription.

However, we're actively working on expanding the rewards options. Soon, you'll have the flexibility to choose how to redeem your earnings. We'll offer multiple options, including prepaid cards, virtual Visa cards, and a variety of gift cards.

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