How to upload a recording to Upheal.

Add older or in-person session recordings to Upheal.

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Upheal works both remotely and in person – you just have to record the session on your phone. Here's how to add any previously recorded content to Upheal for a comprehensive case history at your fingertips.

Make sure you have your recording ready.

Next, choose a Client to upload the recording to.

  • Click on New Session, then click on Upload Recording.

  • Drag & Drop or Choose a file by clicking on Upload from Device.

  • Give the session a name and specify when the session was conducted.

    Would you like to keep the recording after it has been analyzed? Just tick the checkbox. 

  • Click Create Session.

  • Sit back and give our AI time to process and analyze your session.

  • That's it! Your session should be uploaded.

Do you need to rename or delete a session?

That's easy-peasy.

  • Just hover over the so-called kebab menu (the three vertical dots).

  • Choose Edit Title or Delete Session from the additional options.

  • And you're done!

Do you want to delete a recording?

  • Access any of the recently uploaded recordings.

  • Hover over the so-called kebab menu (the vertical dots).

  • Choose Delete Recording.

  • And you're done!

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