Holding couples therapy sessions
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Upheal supports couples therapy! Currently, you can record live audio and upload recordings from couples therapy sessions, hold couples sessions with our Zoom integration, and capture a couples call from any platform with our browser extension. We’re still working hard on our own video calling platform to support couples therapy.

Couples therapy notes are in Beta, which means that we’re still doing a little polishing.

Starting a couples session

Couples sessions work the same way as individual sessions. Just create a client to represent the couple and select that client when you hold the session, or launch sessions from the client’s page.

When you choose a couple as the client, Upheal automatically knows that it’s a couples session.

Currently, you can:

Confirming speaker identities

Once Upheal processes a couples therapy session, you’ll be prompted to confirm that the speakers are labeled correctly.

Click on the first speaker to reassign, then click Next to move on to the next speaker. When you’re finished, click Confirm.

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