Creating couple clients
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Couples are represented by a single client that includes a profile of each person in the couple. When you hold a couples therapy session, select the couple as the client.

  1. From your Upheal dashboard, click Add client.

  2. Select Couples therapy.

  3. Choose the Default note type for the couple. You can choose from Upheal’s own note style, SOAP, and DAP.

  4. Fill out the details for both clients in the couple.

    To include an existing client, click Select from existing, and choose from your client list.

  5. Click Add new client.

Now, you have the couple as a client. You can use the audio recorder to capture an in-person session with the couple, upload a recording of a session, use our Zoom integration, or capture a call from any platform with our browser extension. Remember to collect client consent first.

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